Designing a simple application for Lotus Notes using Lotus Script


Last week I began working on a project for the Lotus Notes platform. This project was designed for learning purposes, in order to understand the concepts of Lotus Notes.

The application is composed of two forms, one for items and one for categories .The Form for elements contains a field for the item’s name and another field is used for the item’s. The other form contains a field for the name of the category and a second field for a brief description of the category.

To view the items and categories I have built two views, one called “All Items” and the second “Categories”.

The operations of addition, deletion and update on items were made correctly. First issues appeared when handling categories.

The first problem I had was when deleting categories. This issue occurs when trying to delete a category. By removing this category all items that use this category lose their category information. To solve this problem I made a Lotus script that was called when deleting a category. This script is checking to see if that category was used by items. If that category was used by items, the deletion was not allowed and the user is informed of this with an warning message. If the category wasn’t used by any item the deletion could be done.

The second problem I encountered was in changing the information in the category’s name. Items that use this category lost this information after the category’s name was changed. This problem was solved by another Lotus script. After a category is saved with a different name, items that used the old name of the category were updated with the new name.

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