Generating word documents from Lotus Notes documents


Sometimes you wish to print the information contained in a Lotus Notes document. Lotus Notes offers such printing options, but if you have layout issues one solution would be to export into an word document.

You can create an word document in Lotus Script using CreateObject(“Word.Application”) function. It only works on your computer if you have Microsoft Word installed. Luckily Lotus Notes comes with an alternative, Lotus Symphony.

Lotus Symphony is a set of applications for creating, editing word processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. The Lotus Symphony Object Model provides APIs to control Lotus Symphony, such as opening documents, presentations and spreadsheets or manipulating tables, paragraphs, sections of a document.

In order to export the Lotus Notes document we will need an template document. This template document contains bookmarks acting as tags for writing information. I had trouble working with .doc format so instead of using this format, I have converted into an .odt format. The template document is opened in invisible mode by setting the second parameter of the OpenDocument method to False.

All the content of the template.doc is copied into a new document. After that the bookmarks for name and address are set using SetBookmark subrutine.

Rich text items from the Lotus Notes document are treated a bit different.

We can than select a region in the document delimited by two bookmarks and format the size and height of the font.

Finally the document is saved under .doc format.

Lotus Symphony Home Page

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