CeBit 2010 Review


This year after 6 days that I participate at fair I can say that was good compared with 2009. I’ve meet new companies as well already partners and we had productive discussions about Ropardo SRL services and competencies.

Because we are active since 2001 as technology partner in different consortium that promotes research & development at European level we decide to market Ropardo SRL competence in this field.

In past years our company participates in 7 EU projects and from each project we had successful outcome in terms of:
– prototypes that latter on we succeed to transform into products and
– know how – that help us to improve our services level / extend market

At this time on CeBit we had new interesting discussions with Universities, Research Institutes and IT companies that where interesting in starting new collaboration with us. I can say that at European level research is on agenda that will increase quality of each project outcome. – Ropardo SRL lunch this new web site to promote at European as well global level software development nearshoring competence.

Nearshoring is again on CEO/CIO agenda this year. We had many contact with new companies that are looking for a competent partner for software development and testing services and they all are aware of taking in account nearshoring as solution and flexibility in front of economical changes.

Thank you all that visit us at fair ground and I wish to all a good and successful time 2010.

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