If you’ve worked with AngularJS you most definitely have found yourself in the situation of using templates. While good for release and keeping your code clean, templates can often times pose a problem while developing. Since AngularJS has an implemented cache method, everytime you modfidy a template it will load from cache, therefore not allowing you to see your new modifications. This can be disabled in a number of ways, we’ll show only 2:

With $templateCache:$rootScope, $templateCache) {
   $rootScope.$on('$viewContentLoaded', function() {

With $httpProvider – rememeber to include it in your controller.


However, you will often notice the caching still occuring, especially if you develop on Google Chrome browser. That happens because browsers have another caching mechanism, specific for network requests of files, to help speed things along. Therefore, if you find yourself doing the above and still not getting the updated template, you may want to check how to disable your browser internal cache.

For Google Chrome, you must open developer tools, click the gear icon in the bottom right (opens settings panel) and there search for “Disable Cache” (could be under “Network”, or “General” or may have an appendix like: “(while DevTools is open)”).

If you do that, browser caching will be disabled and you can return to fast programming (no extra actions needed for refresh) while using templates!

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