Kendo Server Filtering


If you want to enable Server Filtering on Kendo Grid, first step is to tell Kendo that you want to enable that functionality because, by default, the data source performs filtering on client side.

On the server side you need to map Kendo Filter to a C# Filter class.

If the filter is a compound one, then Filters property is set (it means that the filter has some other filters as childs) and the Field, Operator and Value properties will be set to null.

In order to Obtain SQL expression, you have to extract smaller expressions from each child filter and concatenate them.

It is important to know that supported operators in Kendo are: “eq” (equal to), “neq” (not equal to), “lt” (less than), “lte” (less than or equal to), “gt” (greater than), “gte” (greater than or equal to), “startswith”, “endswith”, “contains”, “doesnotcontain”.



Kendo Filter:



How to use this predicate with ADO.NET

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