Mission.2017: Completed. Go to Next Level.


It is that time of the year when we close the chapter written in 2017 and look ahead to 2018. If we were to give a name to 2017 at ROPARDO, it would be DEVELOPMENT: from team to company, and further on to the many ways we deliver value to our partners.

Our business card. We poured a great deal of tech and soul in our online presence so that people get (to) us. This is who we are: an independent leading software engineering company providing customers with key competitive advantages – Innovation, Quality, Timely delivery, since 1994. We are in a mission to engage our software engineering expertise in crafting advanced software systems for your business to benefit from exceptional customer experiences, competitive edge and revenue growth. And fully accomplish it if we are to judge by the customers who choose or recommend us based on 8 solid reasons we make a difference for them.

Our business models ensure a comfortable collaboration for customers scattered all over the world and shaped in their own business culture, we propose six alternatives for delivering software services under our Time-Budget-Quality ethic.

We love software … all of IT and develop high-quality custom software covering the complete development life cycle to build a solution from the ground, migrate an existent product to a new platform or re-engineer an existing solution using modern technology.

We have proof to showcase all of the above in our References section.

Staying true to our volunteer commitment to the community development, we finally disseminated our research results in Publications.

As any genuine technology partner, we have our own tech corner – blog.ropardo.ro – enriched in the past year with valuable articles from our developers.

Footprints on the WWW. Ropardo has marked the world wide web with newly released footprints. For the sake of a present-day communication, we approached a distinct and digitalized display of some parts of the ROPARDO dimension: answers.ropardo.com, jobs.ropardo.ro, zivacare.com, web-focus.eu, host4u.ro.

Ropardo www footprints

We don’t stop here, so you will hear more from us in 2018. Tip for you: follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for real-time IT goodies.

Innovating healthcare. We engage digital technology as an excellent partner for transforming and improving the present healthcare industry. And ROHEALTH fully reflects it. With ROHEALTH platform we respond to a growing demand of digital services in healthcare, providing a personalized easy-to-use software designed for patients to adopt a health-aware lifestyle.

ROHEALTH is in fact an IoT platform that puts together an amazingly rich range of mobile and web apps, devices, cloud services, wearables, people and professionals. ROHEALTH ecosystem is made of ZivaCare and ArdoCare.

  • ZivaCare is among the first IoT platforms built to serve healthcare applications raise awareness in teenagers and elders, by reading users’ data from any smart/wearable device.
  • ArdoCare is a modern EMR & hospital software for developing world healthcare. Based on API, the intelligent module-like system creates great user experiences for physicians, admins, and implicitly patients.

ROHEALTH brings together forces: software development, industry know-how, national health system, healthcare providers, and moves things.

Beside the business dimension of ROHEALTH, we are also proud of the contribution we make to the community well-being through our continued/sustained innovation. As such, ROHEALTH has delivered successful outcomes in three different verticals:

  • occupational safety and health (OSH) applications for monitoring interactively health parameters at work especially in challenging environments (i.e. mining, metallurgy)
  • personalized guidance applications for optimizing lifestyle in teenagers through awareness, motivation and engagement
  • an innovative personalized coaching system to support healthy ageing

In the spotlight. With so many successful outcomes of our software development endeavor, it is but natural to showcase it on key international IT events. All about it in our News section.

Business Events 2017

Shaping future generations is part of our identity. We run annual education programs in IT and 2017 was no different.

Ropardo Academy training program challenges senior IT students to make the best of their technology and methodology know-how, and they did: 26,944 code lines written, of which 5,786 deleted, in the process of polishing their applications!

A 25-year tradition and the oldest IT contest in Sibiu, Infoliceanul encourages high school students to create original software solutions.

Beside internal programs, we always respond to community actions like Sibiu Semi-Marathon, “Scoala Altfel”, Children’s hospital, “Ajungem Mari”.

Fun all year long. Team’s batteries were recharged at the Carnival party, Women’s Day, Ropardo Bowling Cup, Horezu teambuilding, CibinFest, Gaming Nights, Ropardo Kids’ Xmas, Christmas Party & Secret Santa.

All said and done, we declare ROPARDO’s Mission.2017 completed. We enjoy company recognition from long-term business partners worldwide – 20 countries on 3 continents, and sales and financial constant growing with annual average of 40%. And resolutions for 2018 are meant to consolidate our position as an innovation driven company and a reliable software partner.

Community partner

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