<strong>Jobs in IT</strong> <br> Still a safe bet as far as career opportunities go for juniors?


Starting out can be hard, especially in a roller coaster economy where industries are getting shut down with the speed of lightning. What seems safe today, may not be as safe tomorrow. More so for juniors, who will have to choose carefully amidst a not so friendly economic climate.

So, what is still considered a safe bet today?

You’ve probably heard that jobs in IT offer high pay and fast career growth, and it’s true in most cases. In Romania, the country with one of the fastest internet and the country where we, as a software company are based, IT is a profitable career choice, as the online sector continues to grow. However, it’s not just a local trend. Worldwide there is a tendency to constantly find new uses for the internet, which leads to the creation of new jobs.

And the greater news? Companies will continue to be present on the Internet in the future, as a consequence of moving the audience to the virtual environment. Thus, web developers, web designers, SEO specialists, business analysts are just part of the jobs that will still be sought in the future.


Taking all of this into account, as a junior, your safest bet will be to start in IT as soon as you can.

But many think of IT as a field for programmers or tech support representatives, and rule it out simply because they believe they aren’t cut out for it. In reality, jobs like Java developer or DevOps Engineer are just a part of the industry’s openings. What is that supposed to mean for juniors? Simply that there may be a role for everyone in IT, even if it’s for a project manager, business analyst or cloud developer.

Let’s just take a more in depth look at the IT jobs…

…and see what awesome advantages they offer, thus sustaining the idea you can really build a strong and rewarding career in IT for the long run. Information Technology (IT) is a fast-growing industry that not only offers high-paying jobs, but also the opportunity for growth. It’s also one of the best fields to find remote work and challenging projects.

For example, at Ropardo we have encouraged right from the start flexible working hours and work from home, while also giving our staff the chance to show off their talent in projects with international exposure. Sounds good? There’s more…

Academy - Jobs in IT in Sibiu

Learn, experiment, achieve is one of our motto and it best illustrates how we stay committed to shaping future generations of innovators through our training. We best showcase this in our Academy program, a green card in a competitive niche.

But hold on…let’s say all you read up to this point has motivated you to be in IT. Would age matter? Or any past experience? From our perspective, while it’s best to start learning about technology early, we do encourage you to pursue an IT career at any age.

Do we require a specific background for IT? True: your past education and experience can be extremely valuable in your new role. At Ropardo, we ask for some background, but at the end of the day what we are looking for is people with a strong passion, that can demonstrate a keen wish to learn.

With Ropardo Academy we have created a challenging context for young graduates, students or people who want to achieve more, and experiment during hands-on training. Our trainers are part of the team, directly involved in the projects; they are experienced professionals, communicative, open-minded, and willing to share their know-how and shape a reliable member of the team.

Ropardo Academy brings to the table:

  • paid training
  • some hours of theory & much more hours of practice
  • access to Ropardo trainers’ “know-how”: senior experienced professionals, involved in training preparation, teaching and assistance
  • challenges for you to find solutions to solve real problems

If this article convinced you that you can make IT big in this field, don’t miss your chance. Start to improve your software development expertise in various phases like design, development, implementation, or testing and enrich and consolidate the knowledge accumulated during university classes with notions and abilities actually required when working in the industry.

Apply now for the Academy

On the other hand, maybe you just like to see some examples of IT jobs we are offering right now. If that’s the case, just click HERE.

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