Digital transformation – How to make production more efficient with Industry 4.0


Recently Sibiu StartUp Talks has partnered with Ropardo and FitEDIH to host a series of meetups that aim to contribute to the diversification and development of the business environment in Sibiu and the Centru region, by sharing ideas and business know-how on digital transformation. Sibiu StartUp Talks is a community that brings to the same table entrepreneurs at the beginning of the road and experienced entrepreneurs, plus rewarding and inspiring presentations.

Talk #1: Digital transformation – How to make production more efficient with Industry 4.0

Having as main topic How to make production more efficient with Industry 4.0, the first talk was dedicated to innovation in manufacturing through digitalization and took place on 15 June 2023 at Continental Forum in Sibiu. We were happy to receive a diverse audience that included representatives of SMEs and mid-caps operating in manufacturing in Sibiu area and interested in starting or continuing the journey to the digital transformation of their businesses with a baggage full of practical information.

The rich agenda captivated the participants with the following:

  1. FIT European Digital Innovation Hub (FitEDIH): Every company’s opportunity to start digital transformation

The presentation made clear what FitEDIH stands for and what its aims are. FIT embraces technology as a vehicle for reaching the future we want – for ourselves, for our organizations and for the Centru region. EDIH stands for being a DIH member of the European Network of Digital Innovation Hubs, financed through the Digital Europe to support the digitalization of European regions. But most of all, the presentation revealed the opportunities that the companies in manufacturing can explore if they join a digital hub such as FitEDIH : test before invest, gain digital skills that help them adopt modern technology, support in finding investments, large networking possibilities to connect with other businesses, research centers, and universities, support in terms of mentoring, coaching, and consrulting on legal, regulatory, and standards advice, as well as market intelligence. For Romania, FitEDIH is the only digital innovation hub in the Centru region, focused on digitalizing mainly the domains of public administration, manufacturing and health, by leveraging technologies, cooperation and innovation.

  1. The fourth industrial revolution: Challenges and opportunities for the Centru region in Romania

The presentation, held by a representative of “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, threw valuable light on Industry 4.0 which prove to be way beyond a theoretical concept and already has practical applications. Our invitees witnessed eloquent use cases of Industry 4.0 in real businesses such as dairy farming, cereal production, and others. You can learn more about LBU Sibiu involvement in the community and business development on their website.

  1. Digitalization of work instructions in production: A case study in production within a factory in Mediaș

Spectro:o Digital Signage showcased how Dressel+Höfner Int. improved employee productivity through collaborative and real-time access to procedures by using their digital signage solution. If you are interested to learn about more applications of digital signage in manufacturing, you can access their dedicated page.

  1. Digitalization of collaborative processes: Why document management is essential for the success of the companies

Or in one word – TeamSpace – the simplest portal-like solution that helps companies connect people and data in business processes characterized by a more efficient team collaboration. TeamSpace was exemplified with a use case in public administration, more exactly in the application area of managerial internal control as an outsourced service, serving the provider’s teams to manage thousands of documents annually for their clients. More about the collaborative features of TeamSpace and other uses cases are found on the website.

  1. Non-reimbursable funds: Financing opportunities for technological investments and digitalization of SMEs in the Centru region

An expert in guiding local administrations in accessing grant funds, Fabrica de Consultanta showed how anyone can benefit from the most suitable investment for their business through a correct journey aiming for tangible results: identification of funding programs, writing financeable projects, implementation of successful projects. Visit their website for more information on non-reimbursable funds.

  1. A slice of fun: Virtual Reality glasses

And since we talked about digitalization and future innovation technology, together with Enjoy VR we gave the audience the opportunity to test VR glasses – a little bit of entertainment is always welcome when you work hard to create a better future in business and our lives. Soon, anybody will be able to enjoy VR by starting here.


All in all, we have concluded that Digital transformation – How to make production more efficient with Industry 4.0 was a successful event that brought together experts, professionals and entrepreneurs passionate about technology in an open setting where we put on the table a series of opportunities to digitalize companies in manufacturing and not only manufacturing. We are grateful for their participation and valuable contribution to the discussions!
Seeing the interest the companies in Sibiu showed for innovation and digitalization in manufacturing encourages us to extend the event in other counties and to other topics of discussion. So, next in line: digitalization in Human Resources. Keep a close eye on Sibiu StartUp Talks calendar page to learn the details.


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