Sibiu Web Meetup #39 – Defending against Infostealers


The latest Sibiu Web Meetup, our 39th edition, was a thrilling deep dive into the world of cybersecurity. Held at the American Corner Sibiu – Astra County Library of Sibiu, this event was all about “Defending against Infostealers” a topic that couldn’t be more relevant in our increasingly digital world. We had the immense pleasure of welcoming Andreea Jugărean, a professional in the cybersecurity field, who guided us through the murky waters of info stealers with both expertise and enthusiasm.

The highlight of the meetup was the actionable advice Andreea shared on staying ahead of these threats. She covered incident response planning and detection techniques, emphasizing the importance of being prepared before an attack occurs. Andreea also talked about threat hunting and threat intelligence, offering practical steps to minimize the impact of a data breach. Her insights were empowering, ensuring that we left the session feeling more equipped to defend against these digital threats.

A massive thank you to Andreea for sharing her wealth of knowledge with us!

For those who missed it, you can watch the full presentation on our YouTube channel ⤵️

And don’t forget to mark your calendars for future editions of Sibiu Web Meetup – these gatherings are a fantastic opportunity to stay updated, gain new skills, and connect with like-minded individuals.


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