Advanced AI Computer Vision Solutions showcased by ROPARDO at Hannover Messe 2024


At Hannover Messe 2024, ROPARDO proudly introduced its latest AI-based computer vision technology, focusing on edge computing capabilities for objects and people counting. Positioned under the Romania IT booth, our team engaged with industry leaders and potential partners, demonstrating our commitment to providing both turnkey and customizable innovative solutions. This event highlighted our technological prowess and opened avenues for robust partnerships.

Post-Event Interview with the ROPARDO Team

The solution was presented by our dedicated sales representative, Ciprian, alongside Marius, the CEO of our digital signage partner, Spectro:o. Together, they gave a detailed demonstration of the AI-based computer vision technology, showing practical applications and benefits.

Can you tell us more about the new AI-based solution that ROPARDO introduced at Hannover Messe 2024?

Ciprian: Certainly! We introduced an advanced AI-based computer vision system that can count objects and people right at the edge of the network. This technology is perfect for situations where you need to process data in real-time, such as retail footfall analysis, or workspace occupancy monitoring, ensuring efficiency and privacy.

What makes ROPARDO’s AI solution stand out at such a significant event?

Ciprian: Our product stands out due to its ability to process data directly on the edge, minimizing latency and enhancing data security by not needing to transmit sensitive data over the network. It’s also designed to be flexible, so it can be adapted to different customer needs, whether you need a ready-to-deploy solution or a completely customized system.

How does this technology fit into the current market, and what are the typical scenarios it addresses?

Marius: Our solution fits perfectly into sectors like retail, security, and smart city applications. It’s particularly effective for managing store layouts, optimizing staff allocation, enhancing security measures, and improving overall operational efficiency. We’ve studied similar offerings by competitors and ensured our product addresses these key areas with superior accuracy and flexibility.

Following the showcase, what kind of interest have you seen from potential clients or partners?

Marius: The interest has been overwhelmingly positive. A lot of visitors were blown away by the demo of our technology’s real-time capabilities. We are currently in discussions with several potential clients who are looking to integrate our technology into their businesses.

Ciprian: We plan to follow up rigorously with the contacts made during the event. Our focus will be on nurturing these connections through in-depth discussions and tailored demos, to turn these initial conversations into long-lasting, successful relationships.

So, what are ROPARDO’s next steps in terms of commercializing this new technology?

Ciprian: At this stage, we’re focused on turning the interest we get from the event into strong partnerships and projects. Our team is prepared to work closely with potential clients to either incorporate our existing solution into their business or create customized versions based on their specific needs. We’ve already started with follow-up calls and in-depth project discussions.


At Hannover Messe 2024, ROPARDO set a new standard for our cutting-edge innovations in artificial intelligence-based computer vision. Not only did we demonstrate our capabilities, but we also saw the market’s readiness to embrace cutting-edge computing solutions. Looking ahead, we’re thrilled by the opportunities our technology has to revolutionize industries, and we’re confident in ROPARDO’s ability to lead through innovation and quality.

Ready to transform your business with cutting-edge AI-based computer vision technology? Contact ROPARDO today to learn more about our innovative solutions and how we can tailor them to meet your specific needs. Let’s collaborate and take your operations to the next level! Visit our website or reach out to our team directly for a personalized consultation.


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