Blog intention


Keep IT Simple – this is the way the Ropardo SRL team creates software solutions – simple and efficient.

This blog it is built by Ropardo SRL team with intention to give back to the community a part of our knowledge from different domains like: software programming, web solutions including content management systems, project management and research.

What we post?
Technology stuff – we love technology, we use and we provide technology – on our blog you will find interesting approach on software development – learn how we solve practical situations in real projects.

In the past three years our team has launched and implemented with success different software solutions like: iFinance, iManagement, iSFA, iCRM. After discussions with our users we realize that a special place where functional aspects of our products need to be created.

A special place will be represented by research: in 2006 we where nominated at IST Prize 2005 with one of our products – iGDSS – Group Decision Support System. With this and with all results from 2000 when we started to invest in research we collect and develop a series of new products – here we have a lot of interesting things to disseminate.

In past years our team members have gained huge competencies in the fields described above, now we have confidence that community will appreciate the articles – technical and non technical – that we will post. Our articles will address practical issues that we meet on our projects – from software analysis – software design – software coding to project management – customer interaction.

One important part of our blog will represent articles on sections dedicated to our products. On this section we will post also practical issues about how our users can manage different aspects. Even if some aspects will not be favorable to our products we will address them because our customers need to know all product features.


All this are possible only with people, because of this we have confidence in our team and in our collaborators. All Ropardo SRL team members are allowed to participate on this effort – we see this effort also as a civic one – to give back to community.

From time to time we will invite our collaborators to post new articles on blog – we will do this because together we are developing some products or some research projects.
You will find here articles from seniors to juniors because all of them will have something interesting to say.

Because of this configuration related to who and what will be posted we decide that all articles to be verified from two points of view before being published:
1. technical point of view – one or more seniors from Ropardo SRL will need to accept an article
2. linguistic, how is written – all articles are published only on English

Of course, all articles will be on the author copyright but Ropardo SRL will keep the right to republish an article on other media or blogs.

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