Datatracking Client at the anual Student Session of Communication


Every year Alma Mater University in Sibiu hosts the Student’s Session of Communication, a conference where students from the whole country gather to share their research outside the university environment. This year Ropardo was present with our research project TraSer Datatracking Client and was elected as the best project for the engineering section, receiving first place out of 17 other engineering related projects. The folowing articolewas presented at the session:


Tomiţă Militaru


This paper presents the efforts that Ropardo S.R.L has done in the TraSER FP6 project, which consist in the development of the TraSER DataTracking Client.

Introduction. Traser represents an EU FP6 financed project having as primary goal the tracking of tangible or intangible entities (documents, packages, products from factories) through the manipulation of meta data with the help of the unique global identifier. The identifier has the ID@URI form, where ID is the unique number in the URI given domain. TraSer Datatracking Client focuses on the tracking of documents and the collaboration of several partners on a certain document, using the TraSer server to storage the meta informations of the projects, files and versions.

TraSer Datatracking Client Architecture
TraSer Datatracking Arhitecture
Figure 1: Datatracking Client Architecture (click to view)

STUB – establishes the comunication between the client and the server
Web Service Adapter – access to the server’s functions
Datatracking Adapter – in charge of all tracking operations
Business objects – the operations on the entities
GUI – graphic user interface

Technologies used. TraSer Server and TraSer Datatracking Client comunicate through Internet and with the help of secure web services. TraSer Server uses technologies like WSDL, SOAP, AXIOM, StAX, Tomcat and Jboss.
TraSer Datatracking client is a Java Desktop based application, a client to connect to the TraSer server. The GUI has been implemented with the help of GUI4j, a framework that describes the Java Swing GUI elements in XML files. The definitions from the XML files create dynamic user interfaces, each element from the XML file is associated with a Java object which is model and a controller. It can access all the Java methods from the controller, but the Java methods cannot access directly the graphic elements. Event are used to make the changes on the graphic interface.
The communication with the external storage server of the documents is established with the FTP protocol, with the help of Jakarta Commons Net (Apache) libraries which implement the client side for most Internet protocols.

Functionalities. In TraSer Datatracking Client, the entities tracked are documents which are organized in projects or versions. The documents or files can be edited by users and the resulting data are entities called versions. The client has an history for each entity so the user can analyze anytime the changes that were made, the author of the changes and the date when it happened.
The document collaboration is realized with prior defined users by an administrator or document owner; the work on a document can be in read only mode or write mode depending on the role that the user has (Editor – write, Collaborator – read only). Each user which has been assigned to a document will receive e-mail notifications about the changes that occurred on their assigned document.

Applicability. TraSer system can be implemented in practically any environment, where the traceability of entities is required. A good example is the courier companies that distribute different packages, each package is an entity. Vehicles transporting packages can be considered itself an entity, as is the case with documents and projects.

Conclusion. The competition currently faced by Datatracking Client is the versioning systems. A versioning system represents the management of changes to documents, programs, and other information stored as computer files. Most versioning systems are exclusively addressed to software developers and their implementation in the corporate environment is almost impossible. Datatracking Client has an easy and intuitive user interface. Also, the client can be equipped with other languages, the default one being English.
In addition to the versioning systems, Datatracking Client can automatically notify all users by email about changes occurring within the project they are assigned.

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