.Net Debugging Classes


The System.Diagnostics namespace contains five groups of classes that can help an programmer to debug and trace .NET applications. This five groups of classes have following uses :

  1. debugging
  2. tracing
  3. using of Windows event log
  4. performance monitoring
  5. process controlling

This article will review the Debugger and Debug classes contained by first group of System.Diagnostics namespace.

            The Debugger class enables communication with a debugger application. This class provides some useful low-level debugging APIs such as:

  • Debugger.Break() – causes the application to break under the debugger when executed.
  • Debugger.Log() – post informations to the attached debugger.If no debugger  is present ,the result is efectively nothing.
  • Debugger.Launch() – this launches a debugger if one is not attached.
  • Debugger.IsAttached – this detects if a debugger is attached.

         Althought the Debugger class is very useful, there are times when we need more granularity. In those cases we can use Debug class.
Assert method of Debug class evaluates a condition and if condition isn’t true , it will break into the debugger automatically.

Debug.Assert(MyObject != null, "MyObject is null");

If the condition of Assert method isn’t true, an message box with “Abort”, “Retry” and “Ignore” buttons will be prompted on the screen.
Similar to Assert is the Fail method, which simply break at the offending line of code and output a failure message.

if(MyObject == null)
Debug.Fail("MyObject is null");

Write, WriteLine, WriteIf and WriteLineIf methods are used to send messages to Output window.

Debug.WriteIf(var == null, "Variable var is null");


Besides these classes, .NET Framework provide debug attributes to allow developers to control the behavior of their applications.  Some debug attributes :

  • DebuggerBrowsable attribute – determines if and how a member is displayed in the debugger variable windows
  • DebuggerDisplay attribute – controls how a class or field is displayed in the debugger variable windows
  • DebuggerHidden attribute – it stops a breakpoint from being set inside anything that it decorates

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