Connect to an Axis 1 Web Service with Basic Authentication


Recently we had to integrate one of our .NET applications with an Axis Web Service using basic authentication over an https connection.

In order to connect to the Web Service and pass the username and password for the basic authentication, we needed to build a proxy for the service and add the authentication header manually. The code for the proxy class is listed bellow. It simply overrides the GetWebRequest method of the service and adds the credentials encoded in base64.

Calling a method of the web service, requires setting the Credentials property of the web service to an instance of NetworkCredentials with username and password.

Another tip that might prove useful when working with web services over https connections, is how to override certificate validation in case you have problems with it during development phase. For this you must simply register a Callback that validates the certificate like in the code bellow.

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  • Luis Molina says:

    hi, I need more code from this sample, I dont know what the ProjectRepositoryServiceSoapService comes from.

    thanks in advance..

    January 9, 2012 at 3:00 pm

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