Google Chrome OS opens up as Chromium OS


After the bomb announcement 6 months ago, Google has open sourced its first operating system under the name Chromium OS, which will be the core for the release of Chrome OS, a year later. As of today, the code for next generation operating system will be fully open, from the code base till the user interface.chromium os

Chromium OS promises to bring a more secure operating system than its predecesors and most important, the boot speed will be decrease to a stunning 7 seconds, counting from power up till the user can open a web browser. To achieve this, Google will follow 4 important guideline rules:

  1. The perfect is the enemy of the good – meaning no security solution is ever perfect
  2. Deploy defenses in depth
  3. Make devices secure by default – hard to get into the system, but assume that the attacker will
  4. Don’t scapegoat our users.

The browser will be more modular with plugins as independent processes, the HTTP and SSL stacks isolated in independent processes and per-domain local storage. More information: Security on Chromium OS.

Another important aspect of Chromium OS, is that it is based entirely on the cloud, depending on a Internet connection and web applications as Gmail, Google Docs, Picasa Web and others. The ideea is that we spend 90% of the time we use the computer on the Internet, so it makes sense our computer should be cloud oriented.

The first design, makes the operating system look like  a web browser with additional functions like listening to music with it, but with the project being open sourced this could change during the year of development. Here is an official video with the idea behind Chromium OS:

A more detailed presentation of Chromium can be seen in this video from the Google Chrome OS event.

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