Parametrized Queries vs. Table-direct mode (SQL Server CE)


            Recently, I worked on a mobile device application and I had to insert about 50000 rows into a SQL Server CE database. NET Compact Framework offers some ways to complete this task including using of DataAdapter and DataSet objects, parametrized queries or SqlCeResultSet(table-direct mode). Considering that the first way is the slowest I will not talk about it.

     Parametrized queries stores a SQL statement, that can be executed with more then one set of values.

 SqlCeConnection conn = new SqlCeConnection("your connection string");
 SqlCeCommand cmd = new SqlCeCommand();
 cmd.Connection = conn;
 cmd.CommandText = "INSERT INTO TableName (FirstColumn, SecondColumn) VALUES (@FirstColumnParam, @SecondColumnParam)"; 
 // declaring DbType for SqlCeParameter will slightly improve performance
 cmd.Parameters.Add(new SqlCeParameter()) ;
 cmd.Parameters[0].DbType = DbType.Int32;
 cmd.Parameters.Add(new SqlCeParameter()) ;
 cmd.Parameters[1].DbType = DbType.String;
 cmd.Parameters[1].Size = 20 ;
 cmd.Prepare() ; // Create a compiled version of command
  cmd.Parameters[0].Value = 1;
  cmd.Parameters[1].Value = "test data";

     Table-direct mode is a mechanism that work directly against the underlying table structure.

 SqlCeConnection conn = new SqlCeConnection("your connection string");
 SqlCeCommand cmd = conn.CreateCommand();
 cmd.CommandType = System.Data.CommandType.TableDirect;
 cmd.CommandText = "you_table_name";
 SqlCeResultSet rs =  cmd.ExecuteResultSet(ResultSetOptions.Updatable);
 SqlCeUpdatableRecord rec = rs.CreateRecord();
  rec.SetInt32(0, value);
  rec.SetString(1, value);

        After testing both mechanisms I realized that for a small number of operations the parametrized query is almost as fast as the table-direct mode, but for a large number of operations the table-direct mode is definitely the fastest mechanism. Another mechanism for inserting a large number of data into a SQL Server CE database is SqlCeBulkCopy object based on table-direct mode.

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