Better delivery times with brand-new Cockpit


With the enthusiasm of a brand-new project, ROPARDO contributed to the Apps4aME workshop in Milano (September 21st – 22th) with what we do best – apps. Apps for advanced Manufacturing Engineering embodies concepts for flexible integration, methods and flexible workflows, aiming at significantly increasing interoperability of product design, process development, factory and production planning and factory operation by intensive use of knowledge.

Ropardo team developed Cockpit, a responsive web application to ensure daily order monitoring, daily monitoring of order delivery per truck, monitoring of the transport conditions (temperature, time), reporting on the KPIs. Savings are also calculating, building a valuable knowledge based for further use with the purpose of improvement.

cocpitForeseen outcomes of the application include:

  • 50% shorter time to identify order status
  • 20% increase in productivity following manager’s independence from computer (replaced with an application optimized for smartphones)
  • real-time monitoring of the car fleet per orders

Changes in manufacturing processes are imposed by the paradigm shift from mass production to on demand dictated, personalized, customer-driven and knowledge-based proactive production. Our application for optimal delivery times clearly contributes to the shorter product life cycles and its quality at the end customer.

We are thankful to the EC FP7 for selecting our Cockpit to cover the mobile applications component of the Apps for advanced Manufacturing Engineering project.

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