Ropardo @ Researchers’ Night – Insight into the Future


Third time is a charm! Ropardo successfully embraced for the third time in a row, the European event, Researchers’ Night, organized in Sibiu by our longtime partner, “Lucian Blaga” University.

With our demonstrations, we enabled students of all ages get familiar with a series of future-proof technologies and concepts.

reaserchers-night-newsProgramming. We won the attention of the young public attending the event with Mindstorm – the robot they had the opportunity to program a route for. We don’t just love software; we truly believe it is the highway to the future – so we acted as software ambassadors for the younger generations to gain awareness of it.

Augmented Reality. Another interesting demonstration was the simulation of an Augmented Reality. Different applications on the Moverio Glasses made possible for the visitors to experience such interesting simulations.

Ropardo Research & Innovation Center has an intense activity and Researchers’ Night was just the event for us to showcase it:

  • RobotHMI – an assistive system ensuring the interaction between a human operator and a machine (Robo-Mate exoskeleton). Integrating the industrial grade smartphone and interactive glasses, the system improves the human experience by offering easy control, personalization and monitoring for the exoskeleton. Robo-Mate is an intelligent, wearable exoskeleton serving manually handled work and preventing risk of developing professional diseases
  • ZivaCare – the body monitoring solution for a healthy life with applicability on a wide range of people and conditions;
  • Fit4Future – applications for optimizing teenagers’ lifestyle.

Ropardo team built a bridge from research activities to the young public and show once again how software development can change the world and make it a better place to live, work and learn.

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