System Modernization: How to Transform Your Business


IT Systems grow in time and the growth usually comes with high quality requirements, shorter product innovation cycles, and disruptive technologies that need to be assessed.

Thus, at some point, based on the effort for their maintenance or the extent of their user interfaces, IT systems become infeasible to continue as is. This is where we check for you how the old investments can still be protected.

Our experts lead innovative companies in their journey to digital innovation in areas like:

Digital Tools | Artificial Intelligence | Cloud & API | Internet of Things

Careless of the legacy, some systems will be migrated to new technologies, other systems or system landscapes will be simplified. Also, we will identify those services and components from exiting systems that can continue to be used.

We will revive your system, with no unpleasant surprises. Based on our Competences and Technology Evaluation services, as well as with our lab infrastructure for rapid prototyping, we will check the quality and suitability of the technologies selected for modernization at an early point in time.

How to Benefit from System Modernization

ROPARDO Innovation Lab is part of our Research & Innovation Center in Sibiu. RIL mission is to support companies achieve technological innovations rapidly. For this, RIL provides support from innovation via prototyping and evaluation to further implementation into a concrete product.

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