Digital Solutions from Our MVP Lab straight to DES 2019 Speakers’ Deck


Love for software and continuous engagement in creating it can only deliver beautiful results. And Digital Enterprise Show in Madrid, unfolding on 21-23 May 2019, is the perfect occasion for us to showcase our highly performing digital solutions from the speakers’ deck.

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We are fully capitalizing the three days with presentations of products and services that address a broad range of industries from recently emerged (such as healthcare) to long-established industries (such as manufacturing).

About Ropardo MVP Lab

In our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) division we mix well-bred developers and designers with present-day technologies and artificial intelligence to guarantee vendible software solutions. We build digital solutions for hospital management (ArdoCARE), healthcare awareness (Nestore) or project management (TSpace).

MVP Development Services

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Successfully Launched Minimum Viable Products

ArdoCARE is an easy-to-use, customizable EMR solution ensuring digital management of health data. With ArdoCARE, patient paper records are history.

TSpace is a Project Management Software for Powerful Squads. TSpace is equipped with all you need to track a project from kick-off to launch. The flexibility and the intuitive features of the app are the key to your team’s improved collaboration and productivity.

Nestore is an innovative personalized coaching system to support healthy, independent ageing. It generates motivation and suggests nutrition, physical activities and social interactions to preserve well-being.

About our Web and Enterprise Portal Development Expertise
Digital solutions our clients most love are a result of our web and enterprise portal development service. Web and Enterprise Portals developed by our talented web developers have brought business benefits to clients in many industries.

Web and Enterprise Portal Development

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