After Bits&Pretzels Insights <br> … or why we liked Barack Obama’s speech at Bits & Pretzels


Participating to this year Bits&Pretzels revalidated us as a team and organization and encouraged us to keep doing what we are doing. Starting with every exhibitor message and culminating with Barack Obama’s thoughts on the world leadership, it all spoke about building bridges and communities which are the ultimate beneficiaries of our daily efforts. Come to think of our work as a whole, its final purpose serves indeed the benefit of end-users in different facets of their personal and working lives.

The former president advocates empowering people to come together and change the world. These are the same principles our mission to create solutions for the future stands on.

Obama promotes investment in children, universities and basic research to lay the foundations for an entrepreneurial society. These are the exact satellites of our core activity of software engineering, animated by the desire of being more than just a simple actor in the business environment:

  • Ropardo Research and Innovation Center with an active role research and development projects
  • Strong partnership with the local academic environment: “Lucian Blaga” University
  • CSR programs with which we give back to community in the education development areas
Bits&Pretzels 2019

It is in our culture to develop smart. We created the MVP Lab to do the same for our customers and offer them the resources to develop their business with Minimum Viable Product Development. The community is another player that we have permanently in our minds as beneficiary of our software development efforts.

MVP Lab – Where the Magic Happens

We take greatest pride in sitting next to pioneers in digital solutions, creating and living the artificial intelligence revolution. We engage our software engineering expertise in crafting advanced software systems for business partners to benefit from exceptional customer experiences, competitive edge and revenue growth. This is our mission.

Our MVP Lab helps fulfill this mission by mixing well-bred developers and designers with present-day technologies and artificial intelligence, to guarantee vendible software solutions. You can learn how are minimum viable products built by us can serve your business. Meanwhile, let’s focus on the values that revolve around our MVP Lab.

MVP Lab serves business objectives of customers allowing them to invest smart. With Ropardo MVP Lab, our partners have the possibility to develop their solution step by step, from concept to a minimum viable product to avoid risks, test the market readiness and responsiveness. At customers’ request, we are always ready to build complex software solutions, the “hero product” as we call it.

A team will be as successful as its leader is committed to be. That is why we provide experienced team leaders with the necessary skills to assemble teams and execute the project plan with the right output in terms of productivity and quality. They ensure the use of the right technical knowledge and skills to meet specific project needs. Of course, senior engineers and part of the management team are involved in the development process guaranteeing expertise and consulting.

In our organization culture, people come first. First of all, we treat our staff as innovative thinkers. In teams is how we find solutions for the future. As we see it, challenging our staff to participate, grow and contribute actively results in creating a friendly work environment where everybody enjoys the success – the company, our people, and finally our clients.


Not rarely concerted efforts with our partners result in benefits for the community. We have a well developed CSR program focused on education and health. In education, we are focused on growing our local community of students, from elementary school to university, being by their side in many education initiatives.

In healthcare, we have developed multiple products for various categories of beneficiaries (teenagers, elders, heart disease patients, etc) to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Currently, our MVP Lab is part of the development of a healthy ageing companion for the elder community.

The society is our inspiration for innovating. Ropardo is also an active contributor to research and development projects. We stay close to present needs of people and businesses, observe the dynamics, anticipate future needs, and engage our years of experience and broad amount of work to build future-proof solutions. MVP Lab is the place where all the magic happens basically by mixing well-bred developers and designers with present-day technologies and artificial intelligence.

As our role and mission are inevitably related to the community in which we perform our activities, we have understood the importance of our contribution to its lasting and sustainable development. Our entire range of trustworthy services are compliant to ISO: 14001 – Environmental Management Standard Certification, ISO: 9001 – Quality Management Systems Certification and ISO:27001 – Information Security Management System Certification.

Most popular results from MVP Lab are our health awareness solutions, web and enterprise portals, social interaction for particular groups of people. We are committed to adapt and improve solutions to respond to the continuous change in such areas.

Currently, ROPARDO enjoys company recognition from long-term business partners worldwide – 20 countries on 3 continents. Sales and financial constant growing with annual average of 40% strengthens our position as an innovation driven company.

In conclusion, we left this year’s Bits & Pretzels with the overall feeling that it reconfirmed one of the team’s favorite quotes from Simon Sinek: “A culture is strong when people work with each other for each other.” Yes, we will definitely keep doing what we are doing. You keep close!

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