File Tracking Client Software (LGPL)


Ropardo SRL lunch his first open source software (LGLP): File Tracking Client.

File Tracking is dedicated client for document and file management that offer:
– document management / file management – versions- user security – file encryption – email notification – check in / out
and use for tracking and tracing unique notation for files (ID@URI notation) provided by Traser server.

Try it using demo version form using back end infrastructure hosted by Ropardo SRL.

What to track?
Flow of Information (externally and internally to the company) and
Change of Information (creations, revisions, deletions)

• Flow Tracking: Control and Log Access of Files.
• Change Tracking: Control and Log Revisions of Files.
• Document / file management
• Versioning
• User security
• File encryption
• Email notification
• Check in / out mechanism

Why you need FTC?

• File tracking is essential part of the corporate risk management and competitiveness.
• File Tracking Client enables Access Control/Monitoring and Revision Control/Monitoring of files.
• FTC fills a gap here, as SME’s typically can not afford commercially available tools for these tasks.

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