How to populate a ListBox field dinamically in Lotus Notes


In the project that I’m working now I needed a way to select multiple entries from a list and copy them to another list.

To do this I created a form which contains two ListBox fields called listA and listB and a Button field named To. The entries of the two lists are computed using two hidden fields toListA and toListB. In order to have multiple values two hidden fields should have the option “Allow multiple values” set.
Values for the listA are taken from column number 10 of a view called “All Entries” using this formula:
@DbColumn( “Notes”: “nocache “;””;” All Entries)”, 10)

The ListBox field has a property called values which keeps only the selected entries (checked). ListBox field can also have a group of two values, separated by |,  for each entry in the list . The first value is that displayed in the list. The second value is hidden. In this case, when some entries are selected, the values property returns the second value, the hidden one.

When the To button is pushed, a script written in Lotus Script is executed, and the selected entries from the listA are copied to listB. The entries that exist in listB are not copied.

After you copy the entries, in the script the fields listA and listB are set to “” so that the selected entries to remain unchecked.
If there is a need to delete a particular entry or all entries in listB I added two buttons Remove and Remove All.
This is the script for Remove button:

and the script for Remove All:

IBM Lotus Domino and Notes Information Center

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