Google Code Jam 2010


Google has open the registrations for this year Code Jam competition! Until May 8th you can apply (if you like coding as a professional or as hobbyist) to enter the qualification round. After you pass the elimination phase and solve the first problems then you can participate in up to 3 more online rounds (if you pass the previous ones). The first 25 coders will go to Dublin for the on-site finals (and the winner takes $5000).

What catch the eyes are the rules and the problems (and memories, in my case). The rules are very simple: for each round there are a number of algorithmic problems (between 3 and 6) which have to be solved as fast as possible. There is nearly no restriction on the language or tools to be used (they have to be free or to be available free of charge – no trial version is accepted). Each solved problem has to deliver the correct solution for two input data sets. The first one is small and the correct result is expected fast and the second is large and the result is expected fast, as well :).

The problems are similar (as content and language) with the ones from the Romanian Informatics Olympics competition (national/regional phase – high school level – hence the memories) and are at least interesting. If you are able to solve them in a reasonable time it’s an entire different matter – the competition tries to find the best coders for these problems. You may be one of them. And if you fail (but participated!) it would be a very good experience and opportunity to improve your skills. Are you up to the challenge? I would really like to know if somebody known to us intends to participate this year (and win, why not?). This is all about coding and any self-respected developer should enter at least for the qualifications. 🙂

The problems from the last two years are available online and can be used as a training or benchmark for those wishing to compete.

For more details (rules, registration, practice) please visit the official CodeJam site.

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