Uncaught System Error:org/apache/jaxme/JMElement in JNLP


Wanting to implement a .jnlp jar for an application i run into this error that popped out in an error dialog “Uncaught System Error:org/apache/jaxme/JMElement” and after this, that project was blocked.

Tools: Eclipse platform,  ANT

The solution was more than simple, but did not “see it” right there and then.

When creating a .jnlp jar you have to check to have covered these steps:

1. all jars are already signed.(this is not discussed here)

2. specify the codebase: <jnlp spec="1.0+" codebase="//location dummy.jnlp" href="dummy.jnlp">

3. set permission level:


4. declare resourses(jars)

<j2se version="1.5+"/>
<jar href="libs/commons-beanutils-1.5.jar" download="eager"/>

<jar href="dist/libs/forms-1.0.4.jar" download="eager"/>



5. declare the main class of your project:

<application-desc main-class="ro.java...">

Running a final state of this type of file .jnlp should normally work, but if it doesn’t and you receive the error from above, then make sure you declare all the jars used in your application! I know it sounds a newbie mistake, but having a lot of jars can make you skip one in the declaration :). That should do the trick.

Good luck.

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