Bank statements import and reconciliation in EBS Oracle


As you may know, bank statements manual input and reconciliation is a demanding task.
You won’t have to bother anymore after setting up bank statements import and reconciliation.

This example uses EBS Oracle 12.0.6. and the file format imported is SWIFT MT940.

Here are a few steps to setup and submit the actual request for

bank statement import.

Using a Cash Management responsibility navigate to:

Setup -> Bank Statements -> Bank Statement Transaction Codes

You have to set the transaction codes for receipts to TRFC, for Payments to TRFD, for miscelaneous payments to COMD, as those are the codes used by Oracle in its standard implementation for SWIFT940 format.

Bank transactions codes

To set up the bank statement mappings go to:

Setup -> Bank Statements -> Bank Statement Mappings

Create a new mapping based on SWIFT940.ctl control file. This must be customized in order to map to your bank statement format, for example specifying a word used in all transaction lines. In my example this word is “Numar”.

After this, all you have to do is to load your file on the Oracle server (path will be specified in the Directory Path field on the request) and submit the request.

Notice that the Mapping Name is the name of the mapping created previously.

Oracle also supports BAI format for import.

Tip: check patch nr. 8965556

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