Image scaling without interpolation


Two reason to scale grayscale image without interpolation:

  • intepolation add new color in image
  • .net GDI mechanism can’t return image in 8 bits – pixel format

Demo project

When a image is scaled with a scaling factor greater then 1, the image get black pixels,
to fill black pixels exist 3 well known algorithms

  • Nearest neighbor
  • Bilinear
  • Bicubic

all 3 algorithms add new color in image

Idea of scalig iamge without interpolation is:

  • to create an temprorary image with dimension computed with scaling factor
  • in temporary image will be a group of pixels for evry pixel from original image
  • to scale temporary image to target image that is small then target image; will get no black pixel when scaling with fator small than 1

With .net Bitmap object the SetPixel method does not work in image with indexed pixel format, shall to work with bitmap data.

//get original bmp data array 
Rectangle rect = new Rectangle(0, 0, bmp.Width, bmp.Height);
System.Drawing.Imaging.BitmapData bmpData =
	bmp.LockBits(rect, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageLockMode.ReadWrite,
// Get the address of the first line.
IntPtr ptr = bmpData.Scan0;
// Declare an array to hold the bytes of the bitmap.                            
int bytes = bmpData.Stride * bmp.Height;
byte[] pixelValues = new byte[bytes];
// Copy the pixel values into the array.
System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.Copy(ptr, pixelValues, 0, bytes);
//Unlock the bits.             

The scaling factor for temporary image will be the smallest integer greater then target scaling factor

//compute integer scaling factor             
int integerScalingFactor = ((int)scalingFactor);
if (integerScalingFactor < scalingFactor)

Create temporary image matrix
Temporary image never be a image, only a byte matrix that hold values of pixels

//foreach pixel from original image will be put integerScalingFactor pixels in temporary image
int indexPixelValue = 0;
for (int indexYOriginal = 0, indexY = 0; indexYOriginal < yOriginal; indexYOriginal++,indexY += integerScalingFactor)
	int indexXOriginal = 0;
	for (int indexX = 0; indexXOriginal < xOriginal; indexXOriginal++, indexX += integerScalingFactor)
		for (int indexYFactor = 0; indexYFactor < integerScalingFactor; indexYFactor++)
			for (int indexXFactor = 0; indexXFactor < integerScalingFactor; indexXFactor++)
				integerScaledMatrix[(indexY + indexYFactor), (indexX + indexXFactor)] = pixelValues[indexPixelValue];
	indexPixelValue += bmpDataStride - indexXOriginal;

Compute scaling factor for temporary image to target image
Get scaling factor from division operation between target dimension and actual dimension

//scale integerScaledMatrix to target iamge dimension 
float scalingFactorFinalMatrix = ((float)scaledHeight) / ((float)heightScaledMatrix);

Fill target image pixel data scaling teporary image.
For evry pixel from temporary image get new index in target image using scaling factor

//pixelValuesScaled is target image
for (int y = 0; y < heightScaledMatrix; y++)
	for (int x = 0; x < widthScaledMatrix; x++)
		//with Convert.ToInt32 get the nearest index by floating index
		int yScalata = Convert.ToInt32(y * scalingFactorFinalMatrix);
		int xScalata = Convert.ToInt32(x * scalingFactorFinalMatrix);
		if (yScalata < bmpScaled.Height && xScalata < bmpScaled.Width)
			pixelValuesScaled[bmpDataScaled.Stride * yScalata + xScalata] = integerScaledMatrix[y, x];

At the end set target image data and the color palette

//Copy array data of scaled image in bmpData
System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.Copy(pixelValuesScaled, 0, ptrScaled, bytesScaled);
// Unlock the bits.             
//set color palette of new image to old image color palette 
bmpScaled.Palette = bmp.Palette;

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