ULBS and Ropardo: a partnership in the service of a better furture


These days bring great joy and excitement for the Faculty of Sciences within the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu (ULBS) on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. Our Research and Innovation Manager, Mrs. Gabriela Candea was invited to hold a speech both as a graduate of the faculty and as representative of ROPARDO, an old partner and honored friend of the university.

stiinteOf course she could not help feeling emotional about the event with all the memories it brought back, yet she proudly mentioned a few facts that speak out of the traditional relationship that ROPARDO has with the Lucian Blaga University, and with the Faculty of Sciences in particular.

Considering that half of the people at ROPARDO are graduates of the university, Gabriela had to mention the importance of each part’s role in a partnership whose purpose is to increase access to international exposure through research projects such as the former FP7 and the coming Horizon 2020.

Over the years, ROPARDO has also contributed with a series of thought-provoking themes for bachelor’s degree papers, and has offered support to students interested in developing outstanding papers or just looking for a really productive summer practice. We can add the preoccupation for and engagement in various community projects for the sake of education and a better chance to a great future!

Our 15-year partnership with the Lucian Blaga University is nothing but an exercise to do even more amazing things together further on!


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