User-Centric Health Integration Platform



eHealth is an area of expertise for Ropardo R&I Center having successfully developed a series of results (algorithms, architectures) to serve health purposes in various life areas: work, physical activities, fun.

Ropardo is excited to announce the launch of, a user-centric health integration platform that enables healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers, health app developers and healthcare companies to seamlessly collect, store and exploit body/health data.

ZivaCare interfaces various technologies to create a social and global network for a real-time monitoring of the entire user healthcare system, for data exchange and access to on-line services. The system has a modular architecture, both horizontally and vertically, to enable an easy communication between its different pieces. Built with security and flexibility in mind, ZivaCare supports both current and future devices, sensors and wearables.

ZivaCare brings innovation in the following:

  • normalizes data: data coming from multiple data sources is normalized, using intelligent data retrieval (retrieves, cleans, and structures data from all of sources)
  • powerful APIs: data are available through powerful, but easy-to-access APIs
  • HIPAA compliant cloud security: users’ data is secured with SSL transport, AES256 encryption, logging, and monitoring
  • scalable infrastructure: ZivaCare provides scalable infrastructure and reliable uptime, considering the rapidly growing number of users
  • seamless authentification for users: end-users are enabled to connect their data streams without leaving the mobile/web application
  • adds specific apps: SDK and libraries are provided to get up and run quickly with our plug-and-play integration process

The end-user applications alone represent a valuable outcome of ZivaCare:

Prepared for Emergency: Using powerful algorithms, the app automatically detects an emergency and sends a signal to a predefined list of contacts. The emergency message contains healthcare data and GPS position.
Fit 4 Fun: Using Zivacare, end-users capture and understand body parameters during fitness programs. They also create personalized workout types or use one from a standard list, and connect the body parameters to selected workout. Further on, workout performance is checked and compared using the mobile / web apps.
Manage Specific Health Condition: Data from specific sensors is captured and stored in a private account. Different body parameters (blood pressure, blood oxygenation, respiration rate and others) are tracked for specific medical conditions. They can be shared anytime with the healthcare team, family or friends, or just exported / printed.

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