2019 was a good year at Ropardo


Here we are at the end of another year, the perfect time to look back to what we did right and what we did wrong, take the lessons out of both and attack 2020.

Validation for this year’s commitment to innovation
The society is our inspiration for innovating. We stay close to present needs of people and businesses, observe the dynamics, anticipate future needs, and engage our years of experience and broad amount of work to build future-proof solutions. Our software engineering center in Sibiu is where all the magic happens basically by mixing well-bred developers and designers with present-day technologies and artificial intelligence.

This year’s last months brought the rewards for the year’s endeavors and motivated us a great deal for next year.

National Winner Nomination for MVP Lab in the ‘Award for Innovation’ category, chosen from 2,753 businesses by European Business Awards based on the successful minimum viable products we deliver. Most popular results from MVP Lab are our health awareness solutions, web and enterprise portals, social interaction for particular groups of people. We are committed to adapt and improve solutions to respond to the continuous change in such areas.
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Best Paper for ArdoCare – A Collaborative Medical Decision Support System received at the 7th International Conference on Information Technology and Quantitative Management (ITQM), organized in Granada, Spain.
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On a mission to refresh healthcare services
For several years now we have committed 10% of our endeavors to developing software for the healthcare industry. The outcomes? In a nutshell, ROHEALTH. If having to use more words, ROHEALTH is a powerful, customizable data integration platform that responds to a growing demand of digital services in healthcare. The innovation of ROHEALTH sits in its modular architecture. If you like your current medical system, there is no need to change it. But nothing can stop you from improving it with one module or two, such as Data collection, second opinion platform. We integrate any of them in no time. And you have the advantage of offering your customers extra services to respond to their needs. Yes, we like to Keep IT Simple! 😉

ROHEALTH delivers results based on three main pillars:

  • ZivaCare – the platform that connects and collects health data from any device, sensor and wearable. Anywhere, anytime.
  • ArdoCARE – an easy-to-use, customizable EMR solution ensuring digital management of health data
  • ArdoCARE SecOP – simple and secure solution for online second opinion services

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We integrate everything
Because we love software and believe in its transformational force, we created RoboFuse. RoboFuse is a powerful and fully scalable platform for both innovative and reliable IoT solutions that blend in and transform businesses. RoboFuse is a fully-equipped cloud platform built by Ropardo with the purpose to provide IoT services and products, making it possible for our customers to operate end-user applications efficiently and in real-time. Collecting data from connected smart devices and sensors, RoboFuse adds value to business processes and users’ lifestyle.

IOT Development Solutions

About our customers
For us customers are part of our company, we act as an extension of their business. We play in the same team to build solutions for the future. The main rules of the game are a transparent collaboration and flexibility. We use an open-minded spirit and the right collaborative tools for a nice experience of the game.

Currently, ROPARDO enjoys company recognition from long-term business partners worldwide – 20 countries on 3 continents. Sales and financial constant growing with annual average of 40% strengthens our position as an innovation driven company, said Claudiu Zgripcea, Head of Ropardo Technology Competence Center

Consistency in Research and Innovation
Innovation is one of our core beliefs. Talented dedicated teams in the Ropardo Innovation Lab translate real-world challenges into innovative solutions. We aim at creating a sustainable added value for our partners while transposing ideas into successful products. Our latest endeavors in research and development are Nestore, the empowering healthy ageing companion, and Arrowhead Tools, aimed at building digitalisation and automation solutions for the European industry. We have much more to tell you on our applied research section.

Active player in the community
Yes, we work for worldwide and we are proud of the partnerships we managed to establish worldwide. But the sense of belonging comes from the small community of our growing city. To contribute actively to this growing, we give something back. Some of our dearest CSR projects:

Sibiu Web Meetup – launched in 2018 and exponentially grown in 2019, it is Ropardo’s most recent commitment to education community development, consisting of a series of presentations on web development topics, offered to students and web development fans by specialists. Credit goes to Stefan Cosma for taking up the initiative and the organization tasks. Many thanks to the speakers that are always open and willing to share their knowledge with the community, some of them coming from other places of the country to do it.

IT conferences and contests for students: We encourage IT students to believe in their passions and take action in transforming their projects into reality. For this we are steady partners of local IT conferences and contests such as Hardware and Software Engineering, Informatics – Imagination,Creativity, Design, Development. Infoliceanul is our 26-year commitment to opening perspectives to high school students and shaping future generations of IT talents.

Contributions to qualitative education: 2019 made us proud of two successfully delivered community projects focused on improving study conditions in two key local education institutions. At the Faculty of Engineering within “Lucian Baga” University, we designed and implemented the class room setup so that students can work as a team, to enjoy modern work stations and a comfortable atmosphere.

It is part of our culture to invest in the community we work and live in and its future. And where to do it better and with more purpose than in education? Our collaboration with ”Lucian Blaga” University is multilateral – it goes both chronologically and in the diversity of the projects we carry out together – from events dedicated to students to European research and development projects, said Ciprian Candea, CEO of Ropardo

Renovations at Palatul Copiilor, carried out throughout several months, is the perfect example of community working together for the community. And we are happy to be part of it. Our contribution consisted in mobilizing the teams for the planning works, ensuring the furniture and equipment necessary for the courses and optimizing the space so that the students can enjoy the comfort needed during the activities.

Team work, team fun
Work is more enjoyable with the fun moments that refill our batteries and bridge the team. Summer team building, Christmas Party & Xmas Kids Party, Game Night, Bowling Night are some of our team events that we have every year. Follow Ropardo Facebook page for good team stories.

Moving forward
We can say that 2019 was a good year with us and prepared us for the challenges of a highly demanding 2020. We are ready: we have strong team, strong partners, solid knowledge. Most of all we have the drive to learn more and put our know-how into results that benefit our clients, partners and community.

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