IoT for a Balanced Lifestyle


The Internet-of-Things era is unrolling before our eyes and we are all the beneficiaries of the innovation it brings, whether it’s at home, at work, in the streets or in our cars. In general, it is meant to make things simpler for us. But there is one area where it does more than that: it makes us aware of our lifestyle with long-term benefits for our health.

In this article we will tackle IoT as a resource that comes very handy to most of us to improve our health and quality of everyday life at a personal level. Statistically, it is forecast for life expectancy to increase.

Health awareness apps for healthy habits

Staying healthy these days is a challenge mostly because it is a decision that you make every day. IoT makes things easier for us by helping increase awareness. With technology reaching about 52% of the global population with the help of smartphones, all age categories can benefit from the changes IoT brings in our lives.

Health awareness apps integrate different sensors from different devices specialized in measuring workout, food, sleep or stress parameters.

IoT for fitness

One of the first applications of IoT technologies was in fitness. The first smart devices integrated with applications for smartphone were the kickoff in the domain. Later they have developed into complex solutions that help users monitor their exercise, food, sleep and health conditions all in one place.

The great advantage offered by such solution is the personalization possibilities. The key to personalized experience is data availability. Data collected from users are interpreted and used to make personalized and relevant recommendations across different wellness activities.

IoT for smart eating

Health is not only about exercising a ton, is also about what and how much you have on your plate. With obesity winning ground, we clearly need to be aware of the food consumption both in term of quantity and quality.

IoT technologies build most accurate applications that monitor your food and water, remind and inform users on their food and drinks levels.

IoT for better sleep

There are plenty of devices and applications that provide solutions for a quality sleep which is a key criteria for our wellbeing. The IoT technologies integrate mobile apps, wearable devices (on the body or attached to clothing) or devices integrated in the native sleep environment (furniture, fixtures) and website resources to facilitate sleep induction or wakening, self-guided sleep assessment and sleep education.

IoT driven solutions can help create the perfect sleep conditions: light, comfortable temperature, noise cancellation, relaxation tricks.

ZivaCare integrates everyThing

ZivaCARE is the IoT development platform that helps connect, manage and control smart devices on the one hand, and use insights from collected data on the other. Integrating cloud IoT technologies and smart devices (smartphones, watches, bracelets), ZivaCare helps build complex healthcare solutions that bring together multiple interested parties and experts in the service of the beneficiary.

ZivaCare helps run one of the most ambitions European programs for healthcare, Pegaso Fit for Future, that selected our platform as a reliable IoT resource and valuable expertise in the field.

Pegaso Fit for Future is a personalized guidance service for optimizing lifestyle in teenagers through awareness, motivation and engagement. The engaging activities challenge them on their own turf: smartphones, social platforms and games. Not only the teenagers in the program are encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyles while enjoying out-of-the-box fun experiences, they also get support from families, physicians and other parties; they feel cared for and motivated in their home comfort.

In a nutshell…

IoT helps us in our daily routine:

  • Build healthy habits
  • Be aware of the portions in your plate
  • Proactive condition monitoring
  • Monitor and ensure safety for our family members
  • Prevent appearance or development of medical conditions
  • Early disease detection
  • Personalized wellness plans and programs

Mass adoption of IoT-based products in users’ everyday lives validate the progress brought by this technology and already shows results in the human behavior with more and more people preoccupied for their health. The ultimate result is increased life expectancy and quality.


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