Sibiu Web Meetup #33 – What about Flutter? Elevate your coding skills.


On November 23, 2023, during the 33rd edition of our gathering, the Sibiu Web Meetup, we joyfully commemorated its 5-year anniversary. At this milestone event, Alexandra Crișan ushered us into the dynamic world of Flutter. Flutter stands out as a groundbreaking tool, enabling the seamless creation of sophisticated native applications across mobile, web, and desktop platforms, all within a unified codebase.

Throughout Alexandra’s presentation, attendees gained invaluable insights into the mechanics of Flutter development. Dart, the language in which Flutter applications are crafted, emerged as a user-friendly programming language, accessible even to novices in the field. Furthermore, Alexandra elucidated both the advantages and the drawbacks of leveraging Flutter in software development endeavors, underlining its indispensability for developers aspiring to refine their craft.

For those who missed the live event or wish to revisit Alexandra’s enlightening discourse, the entire presentation is available for viewing on our YouTube channel. Follow the link below to delve deeper into the world of Flutter and discover its transformative potential:


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