Checkboxes unchecked value


Using checkboxes can become a pain when you want to get a default value for them, usually when they are not checked, because an unchecked checkbox will not be sent to the processing script regardless if it’s sent via POST or GET. The easiest way to deal with this, not using JavaScript is to use another input field , hidden, with the same name, that will hold a default value. So if the checkbox is unchecked the value from the hidden field will be sent, otherwise the value from the checkbox will overwrite the value from the hidden field.

This looks like a great solution for “static” forms, but if we have dynamically added fields that will be stored in an array, there’s also a nice workaround, using the same principle.
Using this code to add new custom fields into a form:

we can generate something like this:

The fields that I needed to get a default value from, are custom_criteria_influence[], and defining a key for each pair of fields (checkbox, hidden) will help me get the values (default values) for the checkboxes that are not checked, so I can add them into database.

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