Sibiu beats the capital


for-students_small3We recently had the opportunity to chat over coffee with Mihai, one of our Summer Practice students. He is a third year student at the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology in Bucharest and it is a pleasure for us to have him in the team this summer. Since he is a student coming from the capital, we were very eager to find out why he chose Sibiu and our company in particular for his summer practice. Here goes!


Why did you choose a place outside the capital for your summer practice?

When I started to look for a place to do my 3rd year summer practice I realized that this is the best opportunity to learn how things work in other places and how is like living in a smaller city, since after graduation it would be difficult to change the workplace, and the city even more so.

Why Sibiu and not another city?

In the last years I have visited Sibiu plenty of times. It’s smaller than Bucharest, but has it all: more comfortable, great place to relax and have fun with so many events going on during the whole year. Besides, Sibiu is placed in a central region, making it easily accessible – only 100 km away from home .

How did you find out of our Summer Practice program?

While I was looking for a place to do the practice I came across an article on about Ropardo Summer Practice Program and dug a bit deeper. After visiting the website, I found out all about the company values, liked the focus on people and the international exposure in particular, and the idea of trying it seemed even greater so here I am.

How do you see our company and the team?

It can be easily seen that the company puts people first, and the idea of team is a real thing. They are very friendly, kind and open-minded people. Among other things I find great here, it is the fact that the company is perfectly sized and has very flexible work hours.

What do you think the advantages of practice in a medium-size company in compare to a multinational are? What about disadvantages?

The advantages I have discovered so far are the ease of knowing the team, relationship-oriented approach and the workplace flexibility. This experience and the company have suited me so I wasn’t able to find any low points.

What do you like about the activity you were involved in here (projects/tasks)?

Two words: really fascinating. The most interesting part is that I had the chance to get involved in multiple projects, and I had various tasks, therefore every day is a new challenge.

Would you like to add anything in particular regarding this experience?

Yes, I’d like to say that I’ve made the best decision coming here for my summer practice and I truly hope that after graduation I’ll be part of this team again.


We want to thank Mihai for his very kind words about us and appreciate his sincere opinion. We think he has all the prerequisites to become one of us.

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