Secure and Stable Open Source Software Development



Open Source Software Development: Secure and Stable

Professionals at Ropardo will deal just as well both with open-source and enterprise edition software. Most often the choice is made after setting functional and technical requirements, and forecasting the development time, the maintenance effort and the budget.

The term open source refers to software whose source code is freely available on the Internet; by contrast, the source code for commercial software is usually a closely guarded secret.

Open source benefits:

  • more control over the software;
  • the code will do exactly what we want it to do;
  • we can always change parts of it to respond to requirements;
  • it is more secure and stable than proprietary software;
  • last, but best: significant cost savings.

All of the above and other benefits make open-source software “business agile”, that is software that enable businesses to move fast-forward on their market. In times where change is the word of the day, open source solutions allow companies keep up the pace based on the ability to create new applications quickly, reliably and economically.

Whichever suits for you, open source or commercial, we will handle it right as we know inside-out:

  • multiple development languages (Java, C#, PHP, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, Rust)
  • multiple OS families: Linux (Centos, Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu), FreeBSD, Windows
  • databases: PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • web servers: Apache HTTP, Nginx
  • application servers: Apache Tomcat, WildFly, OpenLiberty, Jetty, Payara
  • automated software QA tools: SonarQube, SoapUI, NUnit, PHPUnit
  • CMS: Liferay, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento
  • mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Hybrid apps
  • cloud platforms and technologies: IBM Cloud, Azure, AWS, Docker, K8S
Superior quality, unparalleled services and true commitment have established us firmly as a leading software development company. Be they simple or complex, customers can completely rely on us to meet all their software outsourcing needs.

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