A final look on the Pandemic Challenge:<br><strong>“In these new times, those who understand that change is the only certainty will most likely thrive.”</strong>


You are by now familiar with our article series Pandemic Challenge on how to overcome the pandemic struggles in the workplace.

We wrote this series of five articles from our perspective as a player in the IT industry driven by the wish to give something from our experience to the community. And what we are saying is that it’s ok to face challenges, it’s ok to fear the unknown, but also to accept that change is necessary. Just like we were writing in one of our articles In these new times, those who understand that change is the only certainty will most likely thrive. This is actually our final take on the pandemic challenge and what we understand to be a healthy approach.

But that is not all. With every article published, our readers resonated with many many other perspectives, so let’s take turns to share them along with our readers’ opinion.

1. Navigating the pandemic: HR strategies that kept our team engaged during turbulent times

HR Strategies during the Pandemic It was the opening article of the series that sums up our HR strategy during the pandemic consolidated around these strong beliefs:

  • Flexible schedule
  • Staying true to our “people first” rule
  • Never stop learning
  • Forward is the only way to go

Our readers’ Aha! moment of the article was related to how we kept the team together although we were all in our home offices:

In order to help our teams settle and feel engaged, we scheduled weekly online meetings in small groups (no more than 10 people). These meetings were attended by senior managers at Ropardo that checked on the well-being of everyone, identified issues, tackled special needs and spotted struggles. We never talked about projects or clients in these kinds of meetings, keeping IT simple and still fun.

2. Software Beyond Borders: How the pandemic reshaped the IT industry and what it means for all of us

Globally and locally, the IT industry has had to shift into high gear to accommodate the sudden demand for remote working and collaboration solutions, as the majority of businesses have gone digital. We thus wrote about the need to rethink what it’s going to take to accommodate business technology based on our prediction that the following will greatly increase:

  • A Boom in Automation
  • A Different Community
  • More Use of Cloud Solutions

3. The old HR is dead. Long live the era of employee experience!

This article was a powerful one because we dared say out it loud Stop seeing humans as simple resources! and so many people agreed.

Employee experience era
New employee experience era

So, it goes without saying that the pandemic times invite us to reshape our thinking, stretching human potential through self-discovery and true concern for well-being. We don’t say it because we wrote, but this is a material to take with you, read it and dwell on it before shaping your HR strategy for next year.

4. Is remote work becoming the norm in post pandemic time and how to safely transition to it?

Remote work is not a novelty. We and plenty of other companies have been hiring people all over our country, accepting that our talent would do remote work, for some time now. The novelty is the scale at which work-from-home (WFH) was adopted during the pandemic. What can we do as companies, to adapt to it on a larger scale? is the question we addressed in the article and we answered with PROs and CONs.

A piece of wise add-on came from one of our LinkedIn followers:

Cred ca cea mai mare provocare pentru Work at Home este menținerea coeziunii unui grup și a echilibrului mental. Probabil pentru viitoarea generație va veni ca o tranziție normală. Pentru noi aceia obișnuiți cu biroul, uneori poate fi dificil să te acomodezi, deși ești în confortul propriei locuințe. //Alina

5. Jobs in IT Still a safe bet as far as career opportunities go for juniors?

The last but not the least important of the articles was written for those at the beginning of their career, that is for juniors. Starting out can be hard, especially in a roller coaster economy where industries are getting shut down with the speed of lightning. That is why we tried to show them the real opportunities the IT industry has for them especially during and post pandemic times.


Our Pandemic Challenge article series has been quite a journey in which we wanted to share our experience with navigating the pandemic and got a lot more – our readers themselves gave something back in return. Since the entire series was addressed to the community, it’s only natural to leave the conclusions to them, taken out from a few comments they left for all of us on our Facebook page:

Contextul pandemiei ne-a făcut pe toți să ne reorganizăm lista de valori si prioritățile. Acum, mai mult ca niciodată, ar trebui să ne amintim să fim mai empatici cu cei de lângă noi. //Andreea

E ca o cursă de rezistență, deci multă răbdare și toleranță! //Cristina

Să fim îngăduitori, să fim informați corect și să avem noroc că totul va fi bine! //Ela

Contextul pandemiei ne-a făcut pe toți să ne reorganizăm lista de valori și prioritățile. Acum, mai mult ca niciodată, ar trebui să ne amintim să fim mai empatici cu cei de lângă noi. //Cristina

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