How to install WSO2 WSF/PHP on SUSE Linux


If you need to install the WSF/PHP extension on a SUSE Linux with GCC 4.1.2 (pretty old) and receive some strange errors with missing libraries (even if you think / see they are there and even if you followed a la lettre the documentation) you may try the following approach:

  • 0 – extract the sources somewhere on the disk (let’s name it WSFPHP for /usr/local/src/wso2-wsf-php-src-2.0.0)
  • 1 -define the WSFC_HOME to the location where the wsf_c will be install (/opt/wso2/wsf_c in our case)
  • 2 – export WSFC_HOME
  • 3 – cd into wsf_c from the WSFPHP
  • 4 – configure –prefix=${WSFC_HOME}
  • 5 – make
  • 6 – make install
  • 7 – cd into main folder WSFPHP
  • 8 – repeat 4-6
  • 9 – copy ${WSFPHP}/scripts folder into ${WSFC_HOME}/scripts
  • 10 – configure the relevant php.ini as in the manual
  • 11 – make sure the include_path in php.ini includes the ${WSFC_HOME}/scripts folder
  • 12 – make sure the open_basedir from php configuration section in http/vhost includes the ${WSFC_HOME} folder
  • 13 – restart/reload apache and test

Why all these steps? As far as I’ve investigated there is a problem with the libtool which tries to be too smart and takes the libraries from various (and wrong) places. But if you install first the wsf_c and compile the WSF/PHP in a second step then these strange behavior does not appears…

The steps are a compilation of information from:

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