Nearshore-Romania relaunched


Nearshore-Romania has recently received an uplift to freshen up its 20-year-old foundation that gained its awareness on the outsourcing market of software development and IT services.

small is all about developing software on TIME, achieving high QUALITY, working with right BUDGET. Solid software development competencies have been put in the service of customers’ accurate solution.

With a redefined and upgraded range of services showcased in the light of a new visual experience, we contemplate to meet our visitors’ expectations. They now have a clearer unfolding of our expertise, backboned by a considerable load of project samples and case studies.

“With a new challenge naturally prompted by the smart technologies, it was clear for us that our website needed an uplift. We are now within a click’s or tap’s reach to our customers and visitors regardless the device they use: smartphones, tablets, PC, laptops. There are huge competitive advantages for companies in outsourcing their software development activities to Romanian experts, and is a sure way to grab them.” says CEO Ciprian Candea.

Top 5 reasons for nearshoring with us:

Cost reduction

Customized solutions

Quality = skilled engineers + accurate working procedures

Cultural & geographic proximity

Budget, reports, and schedules control over all project phases

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