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We take greatest pride in sitting next to pioneers in digital solutions, creating and living the software revolution. We engage our software engineering expertise in crafting advanced software systems for business partners to benefit from exceptional customer experiences, competitive edge and revenue growth. This is our mission…and ROHEALTH fully reflects it.

ROHEALTH brings together forces: software development, industry know-how, national health system, healthcare providers, and moves things.
ROHEALTH ecosystem is made of ZivaCare and ArdoCare.

  • ZivaCare is among the first IoT platforms built to serve healthcare applications raise awareness in teenagers and elders, by reading users’ data from any smart/wearable device.
  • ArdoCare is a modern EMR & hospital software for developing world healthcare. Based on API, the intelligent module-like system creates great user experiences for physicians, admins, and implicitly patients.

The need

ROHEALTH INTEGRATION PLATFORM With ROHEALTH integration platform, we respond to a growing demand of digital services in healthcare, providing a personalized easy-to-use software designed for patients to adopt a health-aware lifestyle.

ROHEALTH provides support for two different beneficiaries: patients (individual users) and healthcare providers.

For patients, it integrates mobile, cloud and medical IoT technologies to create user experiences digitizing care pathways and help people adopt healthy lifestyles. Moreover, it motivates patients in their home comfort, reducing costs with caregivers. ROHEALTH empowers patients who will better understand how to navigate between the many players in the healthcare system including family, physicians, pharmacists. When unsure about where to go or what to do next, the empowered patient will confidently ask for the information needed.

For healthcare providers, ROHEALTH enables remote patient monitoring, secured messaging and automated health coaching. They interact with patients through individual messages and/or implements preventive care standards with just-in-time, contextualized reminders.

The EMR feature of ROHEALTH is where the two beneficiaries meet. The patient’s account is a medical vault where they store and administrate their medical records (tests, examinations, prescriptions, medical letters, referrals etc.). The caregiver on the other hand can consult the patient’s medical history and provide personalized recommendation.

Innovation Factor

ROHEALTH platform provides pathways for different scenarios our society is faced with: be prepared for emergency, stay fit for fun, manage specific health conditions. ROHEALTH is for people to become aware of their general health condition, and learn to read signals their body sends.

Automatic emergency signals are sent when a specific threshold is reached. Users can edit their list of persons to be sent notifications to, from the mobile or web application. SMSs notifications are sent to users’ phones.

Users are free to enjoy active time: using medical IoT they capture and understand body parameters during fitness programs, create their own workout type or use one from standard lists, and bind body parameters to selected workout. They can check performance using the mobile app or compare the workouts using the web app.

For specific medical conditions, users will track different body parameters: blood pressure, blood oxygenation, respiration rate etc.


Our customers are private companies across EU in various fields of interest: healthcare givers, research and medical statistics, insurance companies.

Beside the business dimension of ROHEALTH, we are also proud of the contribution we make to the community well-being through sustained innovation. As such, ROHEALTH has delivered successful outcomes in three different verticals:

  • occupational safety and health (OSH) applications for monitoring interactively health parameters at work especially in challenging environments (i.e. mining, metallurgy)
  • personalized guidance applications for optimizing lifestyle in teenagers through awareness, motivation and engagement
  • an innovative personalized coaching system to support healthy ageing

Based on our current partnership with POLISANO hospital, during 2018, part of the ROHEALTH platform will become available for the population from Sibiu City, our home town.

For ROPARDO, ROHEALTH platform added turnover value of a 12% yearly average from the total revenue, contributing to the company profitability.

Looking ahead

ROHEALTH platform is our way to achieve a significant step ahead in the empowerment of the citizens and in promoting awareness and encouraging a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Developing innovative health management solutions and e-platforms is taking us closer to deliver advanced solutions for an increased quality of life.

We are only living the dawn of the healthcare-IT connection era and its long-term benefits for the entire population. We are currently designing and developing cutting-edge software for new medical fields such as cardiology.

Healthy Aging

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