Start Smart in Your IT Career – Meetup for Students


Sibiu Web Meetup hosted this November, on the 24th, the final act of our campaign for students Start Smart in Your IT Career, a meetup for students, with students. The meetup made a round up of our series of articles #CrushIT where we address the challenges students face when preparing for their career and respond with opportunities for them to exploit during their faculty for a successful start at their first interview and their first job.

Curious audience, empathic speakers, valuable insight into work life
The audience was numerous and diverse: 60+ students, most of them from IT-related faculties, but also from faculties of law and psychology, as well as from the military academy. We were happy to see their early preoccupation for their careers, their eagerness to find out how they can build an attractive CV or prepare for their interviews, and their curiosity about software related roles.

The speaker, Gabriela, our head of HR and a great storyteller, gave a valuable presentation of programs developed for students (internships, summer practice, thesis co-tutoring, volunteering, research), the opportunities they can take, and offered specialized advice on how to approach continuous learning. Stefan and Iulia, members of the Ropardo crew, shared their journey in IT started in faculty and continued to their present roles, one software developer, the other a meticulous tester.

The tips and tricks they offered to the students made the evening. Increased attention was paid to the technical interview radiography, which is why we are thinking of developing further this topic in future similar events for students, together with other topics that we learnt they are interested in on this occasion. Students also learnt how things work in teams. Iulia’a words highlighted the main idea:

It is important for the team to vibrate at the same frequency. And this is not a given, but partaking from every crew member.

If you missed the opportunity to learn how to Start Smart in Your IT Career, you can always watch the registration and subscribe to the YouTube channel of Sibiu Web Meetup.

Networking, coffee, and follow up
You know when an event is a success when at the end people do not rush to the door but stick around, eager to chat one-to-one, share feedback, build friendships. It was what happened at our meetup and it was our turn to listen attentively to personal stories, career dreams and expectations, all of which gave birth to new ideas to be further discussed. The energy was so awesome that are we are already planning similar events in 2023 to address the many things left unsaid as well as new topics emerged from this event. Stay tuned and follow us closely on our social media channels.

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