Writing for the blog


Motto :
Blog is internet fast food. We are in a hurry, informal and want to know exactly what is on the menu.

The Ropardo blog is intended mostly as a technical affair.
Beware, you will also find some of my thoughts on software as marketing person. Worst, as a user 🙂

For my first post I want to share a few tips on how to write for the blog from my experience with copyrighting and PR.
Hopefully it comes at the right time because we are now challenging our colleagues to write their first posts.

Some reasons for blogging

Share your experience with others. Help them. Express yourself. Advertise yourself. Be the first to say it. Practice your writing.

Choose your reason or find new ones. Once you are set on blogging, you may find the guidelines below to be useful.

How to write for the blog

Just some hints on how to make it easier for you to write and for the visitor to read. Of course blogging is all about who you are, so you are encouraged to write in your own style.

1. Write like you were telling a friend… who could understand what you are talking about (code and stuff).
Blogs are informal. Only people who are actually interested in what you are saying will read.

2. Check if you have answered the following questions: Who? When? What? How? Why?
In case you haven’t, your story is probably not so interesting.

3. Announce from the start what you are writing about.
Why should anyone read? Why did you bother to write?

4. If you go above 1000 characters, it would be nice to have some subheadings.
Let the reader chose his/her favorite course from the menu. The subheadings will send them right where they need to be. Bold formatting will also help point the interesting parts.

5. Don’t be afraid of ?, !, 🙂
Express yourself. If you are excited about something chances are your reader will be too. Be funny.

6. Name your subject clearly, it will help with search engines.
When I order a burger I know exactly what I’m getting. If you use the proper words to say it, I should be able to easily find you post through an internet search.

7. Short is beautiful.
I’m on the internet, I’m in a hurry. Be short and I’ll come back.

8. Use images, tables.
Make it simple for the reader to understand what you are saying.

9. Reference some links to useful resources.
Use the internet. Help the reader. Reward those who have helped you with information.

10. Run automatic spellings checks before posting
We need to wash our hands in fast foods, too.

Just to follow my own advice no 9, I’ll reference an interesting post for those who are considering blogging: http://steve.yegge.googlepages.com/you-should-write-blogs.
Good luck with your writing!

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